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Welcome to, your trusted partner in digital marketing solutions tailored specifically for law firms specializing in various practice areas including Divorce, Corporate Law, Personal Injury, Car Accidents, Estate Law, Tax Law, Criminal Law, Child Custody, Inheritance Law, Family Law, Wills and Estates, Probate, and Real Estate.

Already have a website? No problem – we'll transform it into a powerful online asset!
Utilizing our expertise, we offer a comprehensive overhaul of your existing website, ensuring it not only looks impeccable but also ranks prominently on search engine result pages. We provide fresh, optimized content and captivating imagery tailored to your practice areas. Our proven On Page SEO strategy guarantees first-page visibility on Google within two months, driving organic traffic to your site.

Don't have a website yet? We've got you covered!
Our complete online digital marketing package starts with securing a domain that mirrors your firm's name. Next, we craft a fully optimized website featuring engaging content and compelling visuals showcasing your firm's expertise and services. Our On PageSEO team ensures your site's visibility on search engines, driving traffic and maximizing your online presence.

The ability for customers to book a video consultation from your website!
At, we offer cutting-edge solutions tailored for lawyers to conduct video calls directly from their website, streamlining communication with clients. Our applications seamlessly integrate popular platforms like Skype, Zoom, and Facetime, ensuring accessibility and convenience for both attorneys and clients.

We understand the importance of timely responses in securing clients. In today's fast-paced society, people expect instant answers. Don't lose another potential customer to your competitors due to delayed communication. With our video call applications, you can engage with clients promptly, providing the efficient and personalized service they seek.

Stay ahead of the competition and enhance client satisfaction by implementing our video call solutions. Contact today to learn more about how we can elevate your practice's communication capabilities and help you close deals faster.

Comprehensive Social Media Management and Posts!
But we don't stop there. We understand the importance of consistent branding across all platforms. We create and maintain all social media profiles, ensuring they complement your website and enhance brand recognition. Compelling content and stunning visuals are shared across platforms, maintaining consistency and bolstering your online presence.

Google Business Listing Included!
As part of our package, we create and link a complete Google Business listing to your website and social media accounts, along with generating 5-10 genuine, positive reviews from real people. This enhances your credibility and visibility in local searches.

Personalized Email Services!
For a professional touch, we offer personalized email services at an affordable rate of $99/year, enabling effective communication with clients.

contact@YOUR LAW

To Recap:
- Domain acquisition or use of existing domain
- Website redesign or creation (up to 10 pages)
- Video Consultation Application (Skype, Zoom and Facetime)
- New content and captivating images
- Complete SEO package
- Social media creation and management
- Google Business listing with genuine reviews

TOTAL: $2,500.00

TOTAL DUE TODAY: $1,300.00

$100.00/Mo. (12 MONTHS)

Take advantage of our special introductory offer: $99! FOR PERSONALIZED EMAIL!

Renewal next year for only $199 for everything!
*Excludes email promo offer

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